Sunday, March 2, 2014

How Much Money Can You Make Illustrating Children's Books?

I was asked by a fellow artist in Australia this question last week. It's a great question that I'm sure many people have pondered and in this video I attempt to put hard numbers down so you will have a better understanding of what to expect. Illustrating children's books is a life long pursuit and usually not a career that pays off overnight. There are many factors that can influence your earning potential working for publishers. After you watch the video I'd love to know what you think?


  1. Thank you for putting all this valuable information out there for us. Love your blog and your art.

  2. Great video Will. Extremely informative with lots of food for thought. I never realised how awards and best seller lists translated into cash. Thanks for sharing such concrete information on income flows.

  3. Hi Will. Fellow illustrator from Greece here..Thanks for sharing! Just got your Monkey and Croc ebook by the way. Simple, great art, great price! What's not to like? I'll be following in your footsteps soon!
    Be well and keep'em coming!

    1. Thank you! Good luck to you - work hard - make great art!

  4. One more thing Terry. I tried buying 'Polywog to Frog' and 'Tickle Bugs' but thet were not available in the Greek App Store.. Only in the US app store.. Is there any other way to get them/ Thanks again!


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