Sunday, February 6, 2011

Book Signing in L.A. for the CTA

Well I just finished signing books again for the CTA (California Teachers Association)in L.A. I blogged about this last year (click here if you want to read more in greater detail). Basically I was chosen to be the CTA illustrator in conjunction with "Read Across America" and the CTA chose Armadilly Chili to be their "RAA" book for the state of California for 2010-2011. Its such a great gig because they print up posters, conference folders, pencils, stickers, and for Armadilly - mugs, T-shirts, a plush Tex, and even an apron. Also, this year Helen Ketteman the author of Armadilly Chili was there to sign books and she's a hoot. This woman has more energy than the sun!

We signed books Friday evening and then were up at the crack of dawn to sign books all day Saturday. About 1000 teacher reps fly in from all over the state for their council meeting and most of them buy the books to take back to their districts for the upcoming read across America day on March 2nd. I was so lucky to get this opportunity!

My good buddy Wayne came with me to share in the fun - we also stopped in Vegas to visit family.

Now back to work - another book that Helen wrote - "Senorita Gordita" a retelling of the little ginger bread man story due out in 2012 by Albert Whitman.


  1. Next time leave Wayne at home and take me instead.

  2. Ok Von - But what would be neat is we boot him out in Barstow. He never visits my blog so he'll have no idea it's comin.

  3. Wow! Sounds like they did it up right! I know the teachers loved you ;o)

  4. This is a good book to read. I would like to ask on how to avail of the book. I am happy that I have read this blog post.


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