Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Digital VS Traditional

This was a little mouse doodle in my sketchbook that I painted in Photoshop and posted a few weeks ago. Yesterday I painted it in acrylic as a demo for my Media and Techniques class at UVU. I thought it would be kind of neat to do a side by side comparison. I paint so dry that I just lightly put some Liquitex heavy gel medium down right in my sketchbook and painted him there. I like having a few paintings in my sketchbook - I always have a few finished pieces with me wherever I go.


  1. I feel like the traditionally painted one (right?) has more life to it, more personality and pops more. I like the cool colours and the spots of red still visible within it.

    Unless of course the right one is the digital. I just like the right one regardless of the medium.

    Great work as usual :)

  2. I've been watching the digital videos. Going to have to join the camp that is requesting you do tutorials of your acrylic painting as well.
    **You could have one of your students hold the camera while you demo in class**

  3. I like that you can put more detail in the digital one. It is incredible how close the digital comes to the real thing.

  4. Im a fan of the one on the right. It looks like the hand painted one. Doing thing by hand sometimes just gives it a little more life and warmth.

  5. Ok, I'm getting emails to do an acrylic tutorial - I'll have to do one of those soon. We have a new camera at school so I can take advantage of that soon.

  6. Hi Will, I'm a fan of your great works! Hope I could catch up with your tutorials online.


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