Wednesday, February 9, 2011

NEW BOOK - "Tickle Bugs" !

Oops I did it again - I couldn't help it - I had to make another ebook! Monkey & Croc has been doing so well that I've been moonlighting as a second illustrator - the one that doesn't sleep. I'm thinking I need to see one of those mad scientists like Michael Keaton did in the movie "Multiplicity" - I could use a few extra me's around to get everything done.

Tickle bugs is an attempt to explore a much simpler ebook void of backgrounds and complete with very simple characters. The audience is extremely targeted to the teething ring and diaper crowd. If you're wearing pull ups and sucking on a pacifier you just might like Tickle Bugs.

It's so much fun to take an idea from concept to finished product and published!!! in less than a month!!! We'll see if Tickle bugs can climb up the search ranking as fast as Monkey & Croc - I have a feeling that it will get progressively harder to get the same attention but I have to keep trying. The idea of author/illustrator as brand is way too exciting.

Tickle Bugs doesn't wiggle but if the reader holding the toddler is on the ball the little tike will be giggling at the end. Tickle Bugs is available at Barnes and Noble - click here.


  1. Look... there's "Red Bug" all complete and with a friend. Congrats on the completion of another book!
    Oh...and when you figure out the "multiplicity" thing.... could you do a video series on it? ;)

  2. Will, you're making me think I could do this. Way to be inspiring.

  3. Bugs are so much fun! How can you not have fun with bugs?! You can do it Will! Just put it out there and see what happens.


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