Monday, February 1, 2010

CTA Book Signing

Over the weekend I got to represent the California Teachers Association again with my Armadilly Chili Book. It was a blast and I even got to say a few words in front of the group.

I couldn't believe how they crammed more than a million people in the ballroom.

We SOLD OUT on Saturday afternoon - I couldn't believe it! over 500 books! They even made a plush out of Tex the tarantula - you can buy it here.

They took very good care of us - too good!

On Sunday we drove down to visit illustrator Steve Gray in Hermosa Beach. He's a great guy and a decorated illustrator - he won the Grand Canyon Reader award last year for his Coyote book.

Steve uses one of those nifty Cintiq Tablets to render his illustrations. He used to do quite a bit of advertising illustration back in the day and his studio walls are decorated with many impressive and recognizable work.

Pick up a copy and enjoy his wacky drawing and wonderful color and Jennifer Ward's great story.

You can't go all the way to the beach without actually getting your feet wet right?

I guess we weren't the only ones having a good weekend.