Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday, June 12, 2015

Another Group of Famous Movie Characters

I've decided to participate in the Salt Lake Comic Con coming up in September 2015. I had a lot of fun working on some fan art last year and caught the bug - I can't stop! As a children's book illustrator I never have ever really felt the appreciation from my audience. How many 5 year olds even understand what an illustrator is? Don't get me wrong - it's really fun to watch children enjoying my books or read letters from parents and teachers about how their class enjoyed my books. But what I'm talking about is a person to person connection. Instead of, "I'm buying this for my kid, class, grandchild, or nephew." I want to connect with the person that's buying for themselves - and I've really not experienced this in my career.

After having attended a few cons and talking with many of my friends who have sold at cons and reading articles about selling at cons - I think I know enough to get into trouble :)

I'll be recording my progress on my youtube channel and posting the videos here - stay tuned!

Here's my second print and you can see the rest of my work at

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Should You Work Digitally or Traditionally or Does it Matter?

Many illustrators are struggling with the decision to continue working traditionally when they know that so many are switching to digital art. In this video I talk about the pros and cons of both in terms of working as an illustrator.