Monday, February 16, 2009

All my BoOks!

I made an image of all the books I've done so I can show it during presentations. I'm hoping to be able to fill in all the black spaces over time.


  1. Very cool. And what's even cooler is I own most of them. So today was the unveiling and first read-a-loud of Three Lttle Gators to a very excited first grade class. They loved it. The Big-Bottom Boar got a lot of laughs and even an, "Oh my gosh, he broke it with his butt!"

  2. I was talking to my neighbors the other day, and they just happened to bring up that they love the The Frog with the Big Mouth. Cool, huh? You're popular, Will.

  3. Will Terry Is the Father of my child! I love him!


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