Sunday, March 22, 2009

Yuba City School Visits

Just got back a few weeks ago from Yuba City CA - giving assemblies on reading and illusrating for picture books. This was me barely making it over Donnor Summit before it got really bad.

I got to visit my sister Beth and her husband Michael - Beth is a famous blogger in the Bay area - her blog: fakeplasticfish talks about living life using less plastic.

I gave about 4-5 assemblies each day for 4 days - it was really fun watching kids get excited over my work. It's hard for me to get a reaction from my own kids - they've seen behind the curtain.

At the end of each assembly I painted one of my characters in photoshop on the screen - kids got really quiet watching a drawing come to life.

For some of the older classes I gave some drawing lessons.

We took some goofy pictures...

This is Craig and Leslie Reading - Leslie set up all the schools and made all the arrangements - She did so much to facilitate these presentations - I can't thank her enough!

I even made the local paper!

Donnor Summit was kind to me on the way back.


  1. oh my gosh Will that's so fun! I bet you are having a blast visiting those schools, and I'm sure the kids especially love it, I'm jealous they got to watch you paint something!

  2. Ha! You found a way to work in Fake Plastic Fish!

    Looks like you really had an awesome time. Thanks for posting the pix. The kitties say they are very sorry to make you sneeze. Dey duznt do it on porpus.

  3. It appears you have taken to this like a duck to water.


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