Thursday, July 16, 2009

ALA Chicago Trip

So.....I'm not going to apologize for not posting for such a long time - I've been busy - and again, my clients won't let me show the stuff I've been working on until it's published. I just got back from Chicago - Rick Walton, Guy Francis and I drove to the American Library Association Conference back there. We went to promote ourselves to librarians since they recommend books for awards and consumers. It's an amazing conference/Expo - anything and everything that is used in a library is being pitched, sold, recommended, hucked, and pushed. From furniture to books it's all there - and so were we.

We stayed with Eric Rohmann and Candy Fleming in the suburbs the first night - thanks guys for being such wonderful hosts - they invited publicists, editors, authors, librarians, and a few illustrators to a party - Rick gave schmoozing demos.

Rick put Eric's Caldecott to good use - it was just collecting dust after all.

The view from our hotel - thank you Albert Whitman for putting us up.

We found Laura Seeger signing her books.

My cat allergy wasn't that bad in Chicago.

Guy finally found a hat that fit.

Rick was almost arrested for public intoxication - we convinced the authorities he was writting a book about poles - sequel to Holes.

I got to sign in the Albert Whitman booth.

We found Kristyn's book and took a really stupid picture with it - I don't really know what the purpose was other than to look really stupid - sorry Kristyn - we un-cooled your cool book.

If your in Chicago go here - you can start out your day feeling like you just had breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Why did we go here on a Sunday? and stand infront of this sign? and get our picture taken?

We needed women in our group! WHY OH WHY WEREN'T THERE WOMEN WITH US?!!??!!

I got to sign again at a party.

At the Caldecott banquet we heard from Beth Krommes and Neil Gaimon - great speaches on their medals.

Me and Beth - She asked me what I thought of her limited palette - WOW - she....asked me!

Neil was very excited to have yet another photo taken with two strangers - PUT UP WITH IT NEIL!!! HAHA.

Me and uri shulevitz....WOW!

We came, we conquered, ....we stopped for nothing!!! NOTHING I TELL YOU!!! (It's 1:30 AM)

We thought we had seen it all - then on the drive home.......


  1. OMG! You're taking me next time. I could be like a roadie or something. Beth Krommes, Rick Walton, Uri Shulevitz AND WILL TERRY all in the same room! TAKE ME WITH YOU :)

  2. Oh, and if you talk to Rick again tell him my students LOVE Once There Was a Bullfrog.

  3. Amazing and fun. Next year you'll have at least one woman with you. I promise. I need the schmoozing lessons.

  4. WILL! I'm so sad I couldn't come along for the ride! Those are fabulous pictures! Are you going to D.C. ALA next year? I'M THERE! What a riot.

  5. Was the guy at the boat dock peeing into the water?

    I'm jealous you got to meet so many cool people. That makes YOU cool. Oh wait, then that makes me cool by association.

  6. I wanna go next year. Please o please o please can I go?

    I'll give you dollar.

  7. I'm leaving for Chicago on Thursday. I'll be there for a whole week. What should I eat? Is that egg place good?

  8. I got a kick out of your post! Looks like you guys had a blast! Someday I will be a particle as cool as you guys are. ;)

  9. Was the guy at the boat dock peeing into the water?

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