Thursday, March 4, 2010

Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers

I'm posting this on my blog because this is such an awesome conference - the best one in the country according to several New York publishers I talked to at last years conference. Basically it's like this: If you want to get published all of your questions will be answered at this event. In addition, the wealth of information given will speed you on your way to your publishing goals. The list of authors and illustrators who first attended this conference and then went on to be published is as long as it is impressive.

From the Conference staff:

You can now register for The 2010 Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers Conference!

This year's conference will be held June 14-June 18, 2010, and promises to be an exciting week. Our new venue in Sandy, UT, is large and full of light. And we're working with the wonderful bookstore
The King's English! As usual, we have an amazing, award-winning faculty, too.

Our faculty includes:
Rick Walton and Cheri Earl--who will team-teach the Beginning Class
Bonny Becker--who will teach a Picture Book class
Kristyn Crow--who will teach a Picture Book class
Mike Knudson--who will teach a Chapter Book class
Kevin Hawkes--who will teach the Illustration Class
Emily Wing Smith--who will teach the Beginning Novel Class
Ann Dee Ellis--who will teach the Contemporary Novel Class
Alane Ferguson--who will teach an Intermediate/Advanced Novel Class
Sara Zarr--who will teach an Intermediate/Advanced Novel Class
Brandon Mull--who will teach a Fantasy Class
Dave Wolverton (Dave Farland)--who will teach a Fantasy Class

Editors and Agent:
Jennifer Hunt from Little, Brown
Kate Angelella from Simon and Schuster
Mary Kole from Andrea Brown Agency

Thursday Afternoon Presenter:
Mary E Pearson (The Miles Between, The Admiration of Jenna Fox, A Room on Lorelei Street, Scribbler of Dreams, David v. God)

If you can't spend the whole day with us, look into attending the afternoon sessions.
Additional speakers will include Will Terry, Guy Francis, Ally Condie, Jennifer Grillone, Kirk Shaw, Matthew Kirby, Sydney Salter

For more information, and to register, please go to


  1. I'm going for my third time this year. It's been great. I can't stress how much I've learned at WIFYR. I would have been lost without it.

  2. Sounds great!!! Really hope I can manage it.

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