Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pollywog To Frog

I just released another ebook on Barnes and noble.com! My other books have really been encouraging. There are two things I really like about ebooks: 1) I love to draw fun simple little characters and 2) I like to be able to pay my bills. Publishing my own ebooks in my "spare" time allows me to do both. I carry my sketch book everywhere and so if I'm not writing I'm sketching and vice versa. Pollywog was written in the few hours I have in-between the two college classes I teach and the digital paintings were done in-between assignments.

One of the best things we can do as artists and business people is develop passive streams of income. The ability to earn money while you're sleeping, playing, or working on other projects is a really cool thing. I'm already working on my next ebook.

If any of you feel comfortable illustrating but not writing and would want to work on producing an ebook I have a professional well known author who would love you to take one of his manuscripts and turn it into an ebook. My brother in law is also available to take the finished jpeg files and produce the epub files necessary to publish your work. Just email me off list if you're interested: will@willterry.com


  1. Awsome Will, this looks so "cute and fun"...perfect for the age group your shooting for. Man, you're cranken these out, nice job!

  2. Hey Will! I was just on a site called the illustrated section and saw your Croc and Monkey book. Thought I’d pop over and ask you how they are doing... and Wella! you did a post on the subject already. Very cool!


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