Thursday, June 23, 2011

ebook Success From Across The Pond

I've been emailing a new friend from the UK - Justin Cook, who has been poking around the internet (like all of us) looking for information on ebooks. I guess he found what he was looking for because he's now published his first ebook and good things are starting to happen for him.

I'll let him tell about it in his own words:

"The book has been a real success since it's release last week with a good opening sell, and daily I am making sales, so that to me is a good start and can only get better. I'd never considered making my own ebook until reading your blog and watching your helpful and inspiring videos. Glad I did as I now have extra income, a larger customer base and lots of inspiration to write many more books on teaching cartooning. I also want to write and illustrate some children's books too, so hoping to start that too very soon.

I teach 2D animation and cartooning via downloadable video courses on my and my main program of choice for this is Toon Boom's Animate. Toon Boom have been very supportive of my work and when they saw a copy of the 'How to draw faces' ebook they decided they'd love to include it in with a product launch in the next month for one of their software packages called 'Flip Boom'.

WOW! I never thought about my ebooks possibly sparking other projects or opportunities but I guess it's like that Kevin Costner line: "If you build it they will come." This is so true! I think the tendency for most of us is to wait for the phone to ring. As artists we pour our hearts and souls into the creation of beautiful works...and we want people to find what we do and LIKE IT. The reality is that we need to make it happen. We have to go beyond the creation and find ways to get our message and art out where people can see it.

Justin is a great example of this - he took action - made his book - and created an opportunity beyond the sales of his ebook alone.


  1. Mr. Terry,

    You da' MAN! Seriously, you've become a figure of leadership in this field and source of inspiratation to tons of talented people. How's it feel?!

    Many thanks for your perceptive commentary on the everchanging terrain of self-published ebooks and your willingness to share experience of how your own creations are met in the marketplace.

    Gratefully (a budding children's book illustrator),

  2. I have bought all tutorial videos by Will Terry, and I can garanty its the best tutorials out there. I only hope you can make som more tutorials about how to make children books.
    I love your blog.Its very informative and inspiring

    Please make more tutorials!

    Regards from antoher illustrator who is trying to avoid a "real job"

  3. I was led to Will Terry a few weeks ago as I was searching for another way to get my work out there besides the conventional route. Subsequently, I have purchased two of his tutorials, and plan to purchase his third one next week. I've also purchased both the PDF and Itune versions of "Monkey and Croc", which I absolutely love (so does this special 5 year old boy that is in my life).

    Will, your authenticity and openness have allowed many of us that have been fumbling around in the dark, see the light.

    Thank you SO much for being you!!!!!


  4. A big congrats to Justin! Way to go! Best wishes for continuing sales. Will you have inspired a lot of artists! Very cool!

  5. Very Nice... it's amazing the avenues of income that be discovered just by using a little creative thinking... very cool !

  6. Hello Mr. Terry,
    If you can answer this one question I would sure appreciate it.
    How many pages does a children's book need to have?
    Thank you for your time and wonderful blogsite.

  7. Hello Mr. Terry,
    I found the answer to my question when I purchased your online video "How to Illustrate Children's Books". Thank you for creating this it has been VERY helpful. :)
    What I love most about it is how well you explain everything. I understand a lot better now. Your my hero! :)

  8. Hi Andrea,

    I'm sorry for not getting back to you in time - while I love to sell my video courses I certainly wouldn't want anyone to buy them just to answer a question or two. I do better answering direct emails so if you have any more questions you can just send me an email - will(at)

    Also, Thanks for all the wonderful comments about my blog - I just want you guys to know that I'm having so much fun right now!


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