Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Rant About Artists Not Publishing Their Phone Numbers!!!

Disclaimer - The above video was produce by some nut job and cannot be held liable for opinions or expressions that may be contrary to this blog.
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  1. Hilarious...I've noticed it too! Even the other day I saw a well established artist's newly printed business cards and phone number. It would seem smart to make it easy for the client to give you a project. LOL

  2. Been wondering about this for a while, it seems like everyone relies on email and skype. Thanks for the rant!

  3. Ha, love your rant Will. I have my number on my website, but not my blog. I took it off the blog because my husband kinda freaked about it being on their. You know the whole "you never know who might try to call you" thing. Maybe I should put it back on there and face the wrath of Jeff. ;)

  4. I don't post it cuz the ladies won't stop callin'

  5. I have my google phone number on mine. If I get a call the free service transcribes the message and send it to my email.

  6. I second putting a Google phone up to protect the main number. But Will... you don't have the phone up on this very Blog we're on right here right now. Unless that nice art director thinks "oh, I'll just wait through to the end of the video, he flashes it there."

    And yer making it hard for people to contact you through email by not having a contact form... instead of a one click convenient mailer, you have to actually open a mail program and type your address, knowing to replace the (at) thing. And many spam bots that hunt for addresses are now smart enough to harvest your name when they see that trick.

    So I take your point. But Will, what happened to publishing your phone number on your blog? :)

  7. Ok Eric - You make a good point - I have no phone on this blog - but it is on my website and I have two links to my website here on my blog. My point is that if an art director wants to find me they don't have look very far to email me or call me on the phone.

    I'm always surprised when I visit an artist's blog and there are no links to their website. If you find my blog you've found my website and vice versa. Either way you're going to be able to find my phone number.

    My problem with just contact forms and email is that if the client wants you they can't reach you when they want to. They have money. We want money. Why put more distance between you and the money? Giving alternative contact info just makes sense to me.

    As far as the contact form vs email (at) I guess it's a matter of preference. I prefer seeing an actual email address so I can have it in my email program and reach that contact without having to visit their blog or site every time. For me it's much more convenient to click on my gmail tab and start composing to that person. Since I'm not an art director I don't know what they prefer or what other illustrators think.

    I'd love to hear more on what you guys think...

  8. But Will, I've seen the studies on this, the "Don't Make Me Think" testing groups. If people click on an email address and it doesn't go to a place to send a mail, the majority don't go on. Now you're probably dealing with a more motivated group, but why make them work at it? And every click between someone and the information they seek is a wall. People going to your main site might be hoping to find your phone, but they aren't sure. And when they get there, it's at the bottom, they won't see it unless they scroll down. And people, frustratingly, don't scroll as often as you'd think, unless they'r motivated.

    So if you feel a piece of info like a phone number or email address is really important, it should be where the person currently is, not where they could go if they tracked down a link.

  9. By the way, i'm no angel and know I have clean up work to do on my own online presence (I'm too busy with other people's plus some animation jobs, but that's not much of an excuse).

  10. Hey Erik - Thanks for pointing out my hypocrisy - I'm putting my money where my mouth is - I just posted my phone number at the top of my blog.

    I think the email vs contact form comes down to preference and opinion. Again thanks for your insights you've given me more to think about.

  11. Will even answers his phone most of the time too!

  12. Not hypocrisy so much as "money and mouth proximity". My turn next... as I implied, I'm currently throwing a few stones in my glass house.

  13. OK Will, you've made me see the light. I've stepped out of my comfort zone and added my phone to my blog and FB Page, and will add it to the website next time I go in and tinker. Its the ADDRESS we don't want on the web, isn't it?
    Except I wish we could get everyone to make their identity clear for the Caller ID thing. Too often when I answer its the annoying man shouting at me "ARE YOUR CARPETS DIRTY?" or someone similar.
    Taking a deep breath, waiting for the thing to ring ...

  14. I wouldn't suggest using your primary phone. Largely because every time I go and get postcards or business cards made with my phone number on it. 9 times out of ten within a month or so, something happens and my number changes. (I move, change services or whatever.)Which makes all your business cards and whatnot worthless.

    While my phone number has changed, my e-mail has been pretty consistent for years now. So I stick to what's permanent. HOWEVER! With Google Voice and other services like that you can now get a phone number that travels with you. Something you can transfer from one number to the next. I highly recommend doing that. I'm still trying to tie my Google Voice into skype but until then, it gives you a voice service that will ring through to your home and the number is permanent if you want it to be, plus it can be dedicated to your business rather than your general family.

    Thanks for the rant Will!! You look decidedly creepy in the video!! I think I know how your kids feel when you yell at them now! LOL!

  15. I *have* had a stalker. It's not pretty. I don't want to give him any extra information on how to find me again.
    If I put my phone number on my website it's very easy for someone to find my home address. Rather have them go through my publisher to get that.
    I also don't put my phone number on my business cards anymore -- because a kid picked one up at a bookstore and called me three times.
    And one more thing: I dislike phones, a lot. If I don't have to answer it I don't want to.
    If I'm losing out on a job because the contact person can't find my phone number and doesn't like using email, it's likely a very small job and I'm okay with missing it.
    The big guys know how to reach me (and they can phone me if they want to. They have my number).

  16. Will, this video is a treasure. I think I will watch it again, for fun.

    As far as the phone thing goes, I have had my phone number on my DawgArt business cards for years, but my phone anxiety has finally won out over convenience for the customer. The most recent batch of cards I had printed don't have my number on them now.

    I have my website and email listed on the card, with a contact form on the website for direct communication. Even with the phone number on the card for the last year, I got zero phone calls from business cards, all prospective customers choosing to email or use the contact form rather than call.

    But this Google phone number thing is a revelation! With a free transcribing service! Amazing...

    Love the vid though. Your rants are always a treat.

  17. Will, gotta love your perspective! In my case, I've had at least four numbers in ten years. Yes it's an opportunity to send a mailer, but for someone who has lived hand to mouth and understand how that looks, I'd rather look the @$$ than unstable. Many people will forgive arrogance, but not often poverty. I do give my number to people I trust. Like Ruth, there's been problems in the past, and never liked how messy life can get unbehest. But I don't answer numbers without names, and I most definitely don't answer no numbers. As to waiting for the big pubs to call me, I'm blessed that some want to know me, but haven't sent out in a few years. Plan to self publish and life or die by my own petard. There's a lot of reasons people do stuff, and it's not always understandable. Hmmmm, who knows if I can clean my act up enough and there's still any work out there for anyone like me, I may end up publishing my number. You'd make a great advocate or (huhhhh!) lawyer, it's how you sold me on your videos.

    Agy Wilson

  18. I've had my phone number on my website for nine years. Have not once received an unsolicited call.

    Well, except the one. I am now the proud owner of a fabulous time share on the moon. With a view!


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