Wednesday, October 19, 2011

More Monster app!

Having a blast working on this little project - I don't sleep much anymore but as I get older I realize that we only have a short window to make it happen - whatever "it" is. I love the challenge of developing good instruction for my college classes, pleasing my freelance clients, pleasing myself on personal projects and my continued involvement on the day to day workings of Folio Academy.

I think I've found a programer and animator to help me see this vision through - I'm having so much fun - at work!!!


  1. I'll be following your progress with a touch interactive book since it's an area full of exciting as yet unexplored potential.
    I've always enjoyed communicating information (about the environment} that effectively engages and interacts with the target audience.
    I've made installations, quizzes, signs and comics but not a book yet.
    Best wishes on your project.


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