Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rockin on My Ipad Apps!

So, if you've been following my blog for more than a few months you'll notice that I was working on a monster app and then I kind of went silent on that front. Well, the project was going really well and still is however I started feeling like it was becoming larger than I wanted to tackle at this time. The amount of work was becoming overwhelming and so I've set it aside for now because I really want it to reflect my vision. I was afraid that if I kept working on it I would be tempted to cut corners.

Good news however - I'm about half way through my next app creation and am working with a talented and very accomplished writer Rick Walton and programer Mike Bohman to produce what we think will be a really fun______ (insert category here). We don't really know what to call it because it's not a story app but it has a story. It's not a game either in that you can't beat it or win...or even compete against the computer or another player. No - it's just a thing - a widget - a whobadeewhatee and so we might call it an iPad toy or digital toy or something like that. Anyway above is one of the illustrated characters for my ebook/app - just wanted to let you know that I'm actively working on several ideas right now - it's sooooo exciting to be able to concept, rough out, design, render, and publish anything you can think of!!!


  1. Will... What are your thoughts on the new iPad? Do you think the better resolution will make digital paintings done on it be more useable in illustration?

    Just wondering if it would be worth the jump?

  2. I have an iPad question, too. As an artist, do you have the 3G option or do you find WiFi is enough? Thanks.

  3. I have an idea for a "not a game / not a book / illustrated app with a storyline in it" as well. My husband and I are both fairly techy so we would like to attempt the development on our own to save money. Do you (or any of your cohorts) know any good sources for getting started in learning to do this? We're finding that there is a lot of "bad" information out there.

  4. Kim - For me I don't think I'll move to iPad 3 - unless something happens to my 2. I have a love affair with photoshop so I'm not looking to downgrade the control I have in the paint process. However I do think the resolution is better so it stands to reason that it will be better for completing finished work. Right now I'm making my digital images for apps about 4 times the needed resolution because I'll never know how I want to use them in the future and it's always a bummer to find out that your image isn't big enough.

    Teresa - I got the wifi version - wish I had got the 3G version because I'm traveling much more and am always without internet - ARG!!! Also - I found out that you can pay for one month at a time for service so if you're going to be home a lot it's not milking you.

    Andi - I'm really weak on these tech details however I'm kid of excited to explore Demibooks app because I feel it's something I could do on my own. I like the fact that they don't act as a publisher. Right now I'm working with a programer but I have other projects that I might be able to do on my own since the programer has a full time job and limited after hours time. I don't know enough about the Demibook app - haven't had time to fool with it yet. Don't know if it's powerful enough but from what I've seen it looks interesting. I'll interview my programer in a future blog post soon and try to ask all the questions I've been getting about programing.

  5. I've been working on art for an app too. I did find trying to work out the tech aspect so time consuming that I put it aside for now. I'd really like to partner with someone. I'll check out Demibooks again.
    I'm sure that your app will be as fun as your books.


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