Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New Tutorial! Beginning Photoshop - LIVE

I just finished a new video tutorial for Folio Academy - a basic video series on how to get started in Photoshop. We had been receiving requests over the past year to offer a video that would help the person who has never used Photoshop get started.

This tutorial is a focused on helping the student learn Photoshop for painting in my Digital Painting in Photoshop tutorials Parts 1 & 2. Instead of being a general beginner course I leave out all the photo editing specific tools and methods. I only teach the tools, settings, windows, and controls that I need to make a painting in photoshop. I do share my Wacom tablet settings and opinions as well.  If you're familiar with Photoshop you won't need this video but will probably be fine jumping into parts 1 & 2 of Digital Painting in Photoshop.

If you know anyone who has wanted to move from traditional mediums like acrylic, watercolor, colored pencil, etc - this video might be just the thing to get them started.

If any of you have already purchased my Digital Painting in Photoshop parts 1 or 2 and would like this beginner course please just leave a comment below - make sure you leave your email address associated with your http://folioacademy.com/ account so I can look you up - and I'll GIFT you this new tutorial for free!

One more thing - I do not paint in this new video but I do explain how to get around in photoshop in the most basic ways - and how to use many of the tools. Check it out at Folio Academy - click here.


  1. Great idea to make a video with the basics for those who still fight with Photoshop! :-) My email is k.ajka@seznam.cz, have a nice day and thank you very much!


    1. Hi Pulpo,

      You should have the new video in your account - let me know if you have any problems - cheers :)

  2. You know what! This is just the thing for me! I haven't purchased from you before so sadly I'll miss out on the gift, but I've been thinking to myself that I need to learn the tricks of the digital trade and who better to learn from than the man, Will Terry himself! I read all your posts, brilliant work! looking forward to this... how do I sign up? sisterofjared@gmail.com

  3. Will, I have your two Photoshop courses and I'm an affiliate vendor for Folio Academy.

    When my students ask me about learning to illustrate in Photoshop, I send them your way. A number of them are already Folio Academy customers and fans.

    The new tutorial looks like the missing link for artists who are new to Photoshop.

    I look forward to reviewing all three of your Photoshop videos on my blog in a few weeks.

    Thank you for the great work and teaching you're always doing.

    1. Hi Mark,

      Thanks a lot for being such a great support! I loved finding your site last year! What a great wealth of information about the children's book world!

      Thanks for giving me a review as well! Just fyi - I'm going to be remaking the Digital Painting in Photoshop part 1 as I had an inferior screen capture software program when I first made that one and I want to make it much better. I've not been asked to do this but probably because people are too kind - I'm sure that it will be helpful to have the zoom ins and a much clearer video...also I feel like I can actually paint better in photoshop now.

      So if you want to let people know that within the next 6 weeks it will be replaced by a new version it's up to you. We'll probably provide a download link for those who would still like to watch the old version of the one they bought but they too will have access to the new one when they log in.

      Also, I'm currently working on a new tutorial called "Making Art for eBooks & Story apps" which should be out hopefully next week - I'll include a companion video free on youtube to go along with it called something like: Making Your Story App using Talespring" I wanted to offer this one on youtube for free for three reasons: 1) as a marketing tool to drive traffic to the paid tutorial and 2) to separate myself from the company so it won't look like I'm part of Talespring which I'm not - but more importantly 3) I have no control over that company and if they change their environment or go belly up I don't want that video to detract from the paid video which will hopefully have more timeless content for the viewer.

      Thanks again Mark!

  4. Hi Will,

    I've got three video tutorials already. They are just great!

    Thank you...


    1. You're welcome Goran! I'll check your account...

  5. Will,

    Thanks for the free offer. I have 3 of your tutorials from folioacademy and highly recommend them. My email is nscharding@aol.com.

    PS Now if you could just include your texture brush! :)

    1. Thanks Jan - you're all set - check your account.


  6. Hi Will,

    I have bought several of your videos for my wife, an artist/teacher who creates/publishes children's books with her primary classes each year. The photoshop tutorials have helped a great deal with these projects, so your video tutorials are helping to inspire lots of youngsters around the world! We would love to see the free offer video as well. email is geoffw_1968@yahoo.com
    Thanks for all you do.

    1. I just put the free video in your account! you're all set!

  7. Hi Will great to see you adding to your video selection. I have several of your videos and would welcome this one if possible. I am still having some issues with Photoshop and this might be the trick, that is if the free offer is still out there. If not I will probably get it anyway ;)


  8. Shoot forgot to add my email for the account. It is jeffnewc@gmail.com.

  9. Happy Holidays Will and every one!

    I don't know if it's too late and if your offer still stands, or if you'll see this comment, but I bought your courses and haven't made the time to study them yet. I plan on dedicating 2013 to learning digital painting so a refresher course would be great.

    I have purchased Digital Painting in Photoshop parts 1 or 2 and look forward to learning from you.

    My account email is: alifeofserenity2@gmail.com

  10. Hey Will

    Thanks so much for the time and effort you put into your tutorials and blog. I frequently visit for inspiration and have four of your tutorials through folio academy and purchased another on acrylic painting through your website.
    My daughter and I used your acrylic tutorial to help her with a year 12 art assignment. She received the highest class grade 'A'. Her teacher was so impressed my daughter told her about your tutorials.

    Love your work. Cheers from Down Under!


    1. Thank you so much for the feedback - I love to hear about it! I'm so glad your daughter was helped by my videos! I wish you all the best on your upcoming art projects!

  11. Hi Will.

    I am a retired computer programmer, who has painted in acrylics (even sold some of my work!). Currently working as a lab assistant, I really miss doing something creative, and love your work!

    I bought your video "Digital Painting in Photoshop", and loved it! I would really love to be able to benefit from Beginning Photoshop for Digital Painting, and hope it is not too late.

    My email address is: appliancekare@gmail.com.

    Thanks for sharing all your great ideas, and wonderful fun art work!

  12. Nice tutorial, helpful for make creative design. Adorable creation and presentation. Like most of these tutorial. Thanks !!!


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