Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What Are Warm & Cool Colors?

I made this video for a few people who were kind enough to point out that I didn't do the best job explaining warm and cool colors in my digital painting tutorial - in a NICE way. Thank you - you know who you are :) I love using color and Photoshop's color picker really helps to understand the organization of tinting, shading, warming and cooling colors. I hope you can benefit from this video - I love talking color!


  1. Just a thank you for posting this helpful demo, as well as your other videos. I have been wanting to get back into art for myself and your blog and videos have been very inspiring!

    I'm an artist in children's apparel. Most work is done on computer, using Illustrator with solid shapes and limited number of colors. I've missed the beauty of pencil shading and subtle textures, but always wanted to work color in somehow. Never been great with paints, and Photoshop seems like a great place to play. I tended to have a better understanding of color after using the computer as well.

    Anyway, a big thank you!

  2. As allways, very usefull!! Thank you for sharing!


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