Friday, May 24, 2013

Santa Pups Progress

I've been having such a great time working on my next book - Santa Pups by Jerry Pallatta - Scholastic. It's a very simple but funny story where Santa decides to try different breeds of dogs to pull his sled one year. These are the Mutts and they want to go in every direction! This has been such a fun story to work on! I even got to work in my dog Pooch! How did they know I'm such a dog guy? It's like the dog gods were smiling down on me when I got this assignment! I even got to work in the author and editor's dogs into a few of the illustrations! Working as an illustrator is so much fun because you never know what kinds of projects you'll get to work on from month to month.

I'm out of here - going for a walk with Pooch - later.


  1. hahahaha, great post. Gorgeous dog on the left. The mutt on the right looks like nothing but trouble. ;)

  2. Awesome! Be sure to let everyone know when the book comes out! :-)


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