Sunday, December 22, 2013

"Gary's Place" LIVE for iPad - Steps 8 & 9

Build the app & submit to the app stores.

So much has happened in the last few weeks! We finished our app - submitted it to apple - got it approved and started marketing it!

In the following video I interview my son Aaron who used Kwik to develop our Gary's Place app. He also submitted it to the Apple app store and we talk about that as well. If you're into this stuff you might find our video useful as you move forward with your own story.

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Step 2
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Step 5
Step 5.5
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  1. Just found your site and love it! Your artwork is so touching, very wonderful. Please include me in your next live class, Color and Light on Jan. 7th. Thanks so much for offering this. (Love the vid of you and your son. You must be very proud of him!)

    1. Thank you! I am proud of him - sorry I don't get to all the comments :)

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah - we haven't broken 1000 sales yet - but we're still optimistic and about to release Gary's Worms!


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