Friday, February 28, 2014

My New Cowpoke Book Is Here!

I don't care how many books you've illustrated it's always exciting to get that box of new books from the UPS guy - who I gave a BIG hug to - it was awkward.

This book is now available at many retailers and it's the the fourth book I've illustrated by Helen Ketteman (Published by Albert Whitman) What a sweet lady! I had the opportunity to get into a car wreck with her in Houston. We were in the same car when her friend (who was driving) got into a crash. Everyone was fine but it was really nice to see how she comforted her friend who was quite frazzled. You can really tell a lot about someone's character when they're under stress.

Helen is one of those school teachers turned author - dangerous! I think that's why she writes such fun books that kids really seem to love. This one is just pure fun. I think there's been a shift towards books that teach a moral or celebrate a historical event. This book is just fun. Is it ok that we let kids just be kids sometimes and have fun? I'm still a kid and I like to have a little fun once and a while...ok all the time. Anyway if you're looking for a fun book that doesn't teach a darn thing your children might like this one!

Buy There Once Was a Cowpoke Who Swallowed An Ant


  1. Congratulations on the new edition to your library! I took a look at the inside on Amazon - great work!

  2. Yay! And I'm sure if you explained to the UPS guy, he would hug you right back! This is news to celebrate. Hugs are expected. My mom taught me right.


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