Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Every week someone asks me what stylus I'm using for drawing on my iPad - so I made a video about it!


  1. The ""stylus" topic is subjective. I openly admit that I have have been on a continous search for that "perfect" stylus. Before I continue, I admit what you or I say totally different. Is this good? Ask a artist their preference on Copic or Brand X markers? Wood or woodless pencils? Acrylic or Oil paint? I prefer copic, woodless, and oil. But thats all from years of testing and getting the results I like. The ipad is fairly new.but I seem to have tried a good range. Starting with the Targus you talk about. Yes the bulbous tip is "perfect" but the craftmanship of the Targus is lackluster. It only took a week before the rubber end came off and is nearly impossible to replace (my experience) and out $15ish.

    I HIGHLY encourage anyone to look for a stylus that has a semi firm tip (meaning there is something under the nib). I own a Studio Neat Cosmonaut $25 and a 53 Pencil.$60. Why do I like these? Semi rigid nib, made very well, and feels more natural to use in the hand, replaceable nibs.

    The other pressure sensitive stylus I have no use for as I have a Wacom Tablet. I own a Ipad Air and I use Procreate, Sketchbook Pro, Paper, and ArtRage on occassion. I am sure there will be more comments like mine. Everyone has a thought and this is mine. I just think if your going to spend $15 for a stylus you want it to last. Spend $10 more and the Cosmonaut will last you a long time. :)

    1. Good point - spend more for the bulbus tip so it lasts longer. I don't think we disagree - I was mostly talking to those who think that finding the perfect sharp tip will solve their problems. You and I know it probably won't - that focusing on details first will get you into trouble in the overall design.

  2. What stylus is that? Looks like the Bamboo, but couldn't tell. Apologies if I missed it in the video. Love your work by the way!

  3. The first "how-to-draw-book" i read when I was very young had an opening chapter about materials and I have never forgotten the message, which I thankfully got when I was very young; "If an old burned garden-fence pole feels right for you, then that is the perfect drawing tool". Basically it's paraphrasing the old proverb; a good draftman never blames his tool,, or at least that's what I got from it.
    I always remind myself that great art was created using Wacom intous 1's and photoshop 4, and when I spend a year in Bolivia far from my Wacom I got desperate and bought a 40 USD no name tablet installed PS7 on my 11 inch notebook with an intel Atom processor and still managed to create paintings which, at that time, was as good as anything I had made back home on my state of the art computer, wacom and latest PS version. It's not like I would recommend working on such a small screen, but you absolutely can. Point is, I really like your message of thinking before spending all your money.

    I use the same targus stylus for my iPad btw cheapest I could find and just fine as long as you can adapt to its unique properties.


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