Wednesday, June 25, 2014

SVS Summer School Critique Class

I created this image to keep my skills sharp and to announce our SVS Summer School Critique class. It's available for anyone of any skill level as long as they have taken or watched our "Creative Compositions" class. Most of the advice I give is design/composition related so I need class members to have gone through this class so we have a common language and understanding. The class will start on Tuesday July 15th at 7:00PM MST - then we will break for two weeks and meet again on Tuesday the 29th same time.

I'm limiting this class to 8 students to give ample time for each person. Students are welcome to have anything they are working on critiqued. There will be no assignments (best summer school ever!) so attendees will need to have a piece or two that they really want to polish ready to go for critique. It could be in the sketch stage or the painting stage. The idea for two classes is to receive feed back - rework or start over  - then come back for a final critique.

You can visit our store here where you can see the "Creative Composition" class as well as our new "Summer School Critiques" class.


  1. i find it such a pity that i discovered your blog and classes so late. if only i had known about them earlier. will there be new online versions of creative composition and other classes on svs school or can we only access them offline? i would love to attend your online lessons. already a fan of your youtube channel and blog. it is wonderful that you share your experience and knowledge freely on your videos i already learned a lot from them. and i hope to attend your online lessons in the future and continue learning. a big thank you!

    1. Hi Sevgul,

      I keep hearing this from other people - thank you for such kind words - I'm sorry that you missed out -we will be running more classes in the future - if you would like to be added to our mailing list please send me an email at


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