Monday, July 21, 2014

My Illustration War Stories!

In this video I share a few of my illustration nightmares working with clients over the years. There's no substitution for learning by experience - often sad experience :) ...sit back and enjoy my pain...


  1. Will..your stories were great! Although, I was expecting stories about payment...or horrible art directors. It was actually not bad at all...quite entertaining! thanks for sharing.

  2. lol the turtle story had me in stitches!
    I have a few myself but most are not fun and simply school of illustrator hard knocks, however I do have one that is pretty amusing. I was in a pitch meeting/critique at the company, when the art director walks in and starts pinning artwork on the boards to show which were chosen for the client at hand. I immediately begin to chuckle-- as much as I tried to hold in my laughter, I couldn't help it! She asks me what was so amusing and I point out that one of the designs was not fit for type of product they were going to use it for. When she asks why? I explain that the super extravagant girly peacock they planned to use for a wildlife client for a mother's day promotional was going to raise eyebrows as the male peacocks are the ones with the plume and colors not the female and since the client was in the animal sciences we would look like idiots. The art director exclaimed "OH crap!" and power walked out of the room. I didn't mean to pop anyone's bubble but it was something that had to be brought to attention before we turned it into the client. Luckily the new design (new animal) worked out much better!


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