Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Few Sketches From CTN

I'm at CTNx right now in Burbank and what a weekend! Aside from total retina melt down from seeing so many of my hero's artwork and hanging out with legends in the business I got to co-teach a class with Jake Parker for SVS - How to get a traditional look in your digital work.  It's so important to hide some or all of your process. Your "paint alchemy" fosters curiosity and intrigue...being multi faceted keeps your audience tuned in and guessing.

I watched a bunch of panel discussions and talks by animation pros - the Reel FX team that produced THE BOOK OF LIFE was the highlight for me - what a charismatic group! Great movie too! Here are some of my doodles...can't wait for next year!


  1. I love the round, fun shapes of these characters. They all have the ball shape in common, and I think kids will naturally gravitate toward them as a result. I want to pick these little guys up! Lovely work, Will!

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  3. Super fun illustrations, CTN was a blast this year, I also can't wait for next year!


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