Thursday, May 28, 2015

Why You Should Create Art Everyday!

In this video I give reasons why I think you should set a schedule of creating artwork each and every day...oh - and I have fun drawing this hedgehog while I'm at it.


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  2. Hey Will, great work as usually. Well you did it, he is super cute! I just have a question about something else. Society6, I notice you selling a lot of cute little characters, such as Yoda, Kirk, Jack Sparrow, Indie etc. Do you have any copyright issue as I have done similar things but had them rejected due to copyright on other selling sites like Cafepress and stock sites. So is this just a company by company issue do you think?

  3. Forget the previous message, I've just seen your video ( Talking About Fan Art & My Personal Project ) which explains what I was asking really. I guess some sites are hotter on the copyright thing than other. Also the companies probably wont come after you unless your making a lot from it as their want a slice of the pie. Keep up the great video.

    1. So far so good...don't know anyone who's been asked to's ambiguous territory so spending tons of money on scaling it is probably foolish...


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