Sunday, February 5, 2017

Take The Challenge - #draw50things

Understand the challenge! Challenge: Design an image with ONE strong focal point with at least one figure or animal that tells a visual story. Include 50 different recognizable objects in your illustration. Suggested subject matter: A candy shop thief is a great place to start but you could develop your own storyline for this challenge. If you choose to go with the candy shop include a character who is taking candy or eating candy. This should be the focus of your illustration. You can also answer questions such as: What time of day is it? Who is the thief? What is he/she/it stealing? How are they stealing it? Are they about to get caught? Are they getting away with it? Does your thief live in or around the shop? Is your thief old, young?...good? evil?

To view the rules and the class just go to

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