Friday, January 2, 2009

Blue Plate Diner

So my son Aaron and I were watching the food network show - Diners Drive-In's and Dives and we just happened to catch the episode where they featured the Blue Plate Diner in Salt Lake. We both love Guy Fieri and when we saw him interview the owner of the Blue Plate, Johnny Chopper and saw the love and attention to the food we both knew we had to go.

So we googled the Blue Plate and put it on our "to do" list. One day when we found ourselves downing some Blue Plate goodies, Johnny Chopper just showed up and my son says, "HEY Johnny Chopper showed up" and so after the meal when we struck up a conversation one thing led to another and yada yada I walked out with a trade agreement - food for art - I highly recommend it....the food for art thingy....and the Blue Plate.

So I told Johnny I would send him a sketch of an idea I got while stuffing my face with his food. I just thought it would be cool to do this painting of a blue plate that might be a flying saucer but might only be a blue plate flying in the air - perhaps someone threw it like a frizbee (a satisfied customer of course) but I wanted to keep it ambiguous.

After he saw and dug the sketch I wasn't happy with the way the cars were in front of his place and even though you can only parallel park I thought It would look cooler to have all the cars pulled in. So to make my job easier I just nabbed a bunch of cars off the net like the one above and tossed them into the sketch using photoshop.

After I got all the cars distorted the way I wanted them I changed the mode to grayscale to get rid of all the color. This allowed me to not only add my own color but with the distortions texture and color changes I'm safe from copy right infringement. Next I printed this out on watercolor paper and added texture to prepare it for acrylic paint.

Here's another car that should be up with the Cadillac but since I put it in the wrong place and don't know how to delete and move it you'll have to imagine that it's up with the other one.

And here is the final painting - It was a fun diversion from my regular workload

So I loaded the fam into the car and we headed for Blue Plate heaven to deliver the painting.

It's funny how enthusiasm for food changes in about a half hour - while waiting for your food to arrive it's sometimes hard to maintain your train of thought as you struggle to control salivation - after you're stuffed you're wondering what you were all psyched about? Well now we have a bunch of gift certificates and we can enjoy Blue Plate whenever we're up that way. YAY Blue Plate!!


  1. Nice post! And beautiful artwork. Thanks for sharing!
    If you have a moment, I'd love for you to make a comment on my DDD map, at Blue Plate Diner. Thx!

  2. Oops, that link was supposed to go here ...;`@2

  3. Nice. I might just have to take a trip up to SLC and visit the blue plate to see how this turned out in person. Besides I'm always up for a good burger. Which by the way may I recommend the Dairy Keen in Heber, and the Malt Shop in Ephraim.

  4. Sweet!! It's nice to see you've joined the blogging world, Will. I'll definitely be stopping by frequently.


  5. That's a cool deal and even better painting.

  6. I did some clothes for art a couple of times, thats how I clothed my small family the first few years of college as a married man!


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