Monday, December 29, 2008

Textbook Cover for Element

Ok, so here is a sketch for an english language text book for Element - the idea is that by learning english you become more free to pursue whatever you want - that doors are open to english speakers. My client wanted some of the buildings in the shape of letters to further the language angle.

I was asked to paint the background separate from the foreground so they can use it for other covers that we are currently working on.

This is a challenge because as I'm painting it's hard to control values and colors but here they are combined.

This is the final with the cover graphics


  1. Will did you just copy and paste the animal paintings on the background?

    Jared W.

  2. ha ha this is some really fun stuff, how big is the paper you had the drawing on?

  3. Yup it was pasted on - not my first choice but had to make the client happy...Aaron- my paper is about 18x14

  4. Will, did you composite it digitally, or is it physical paper cut-outs? If I were a kid, all these fun bright colors would be a great distraction from actually listening to the teacher. Anything to avoid listening...

  5. I just love your colours. They have a fabulous vibrancy but without being predictable or over bright. Just beautiful!


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