Friday, December 26, 2008

So my 9 year old said my art is for babies - so I wanted to see if I could still conjure something from my junior high days of drawing sculls in the margins of my tests. Yup - still got it. I did this doodle out in the car while my wife shopped for those last minute Christmas gifts. I showed it to 9 year old - he thought it was "bad" meaning good of course - score one for the old guy. Oh - and I fooled around with it in photoshop to add some mood.

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  1. You can't drop the style, you have a specific style that you have done long enough and well enough that everything you do has it in extremes! I remember the drawing day down by the food court at UVSC and we were all drawing the model, your style came through there too, and I don't think the style is for babies, maybe a family friendly style but not babies!


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