Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Passing Out

95% of my blog is going to be dedicated to illustration but when I saw my son passed out last night I couldn't resist taking a picture and posting it. Passing out on the kitchen floor when your 9 years old - cute....passing out on the kitchen floor when your an adult - usually involves some sort of addiction problem. Sleep well little buddy some day in your future it will be hard to fall asleep in a soft comfy bed.


  1. Wonderful illustrations here, Will! Perfect blog!

  2. omg. can it be that once upon a time we old folks could fall asleep anywhere? i do have a vague recollection...

    (i also remember, as a private in the early 70s, falling asleep, in formation, with my eyes open...now THAT's a skill i wish i could recapture.)


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