Thursday, December 4, 2008

My First Blog Post

They said it couldn't be done. They said I'd never do it. They said a lot of things - some of which I can't repeat. Yes - I'm finally blogging. If you've been tired of going to my website and seeing the same tierd images, this blog's for you. You know how some guys leave the christmas lights up all year? Never wash their car? and might have a brand new un-opened tub of sour cream that has become way more sour than cream in the fridge? Yup that's me. So I'm thinkin that the blog just might be the answer for me to sort of change my ways and get some new stuff out there. ....Like the creepy guy above - painted it as a demo in my UVU class this Thursday and thought, "hmmm, It would be kinda nice for people to be able to see this"....a blog...THAT'S IT!!! - so here it is - Mr. Creepers is a character out of a new book I'm working on. Hope to have it out next year.


  1. Hey, Will! Congrats on selling out Frog with a Big Mouth! That's great news! I also really like your Mr Creepers. He looks like a hybrid between a bayou redneck and a snake. Very original.

    Let's be blog friends!


  2. Congratulations on the frog book! I love it when that happens. How are things going with the California Teachers Association?

  3. Congrats for setting up a blog, selling out your book, and for being an all around great illustrator!

  4. Willie,
    I am very impressed. Your Mr.Creepers is an incredibly accurate self portrait.

  5. Hello~ I just found myself lost in your blog, and has inspired me to start a blog myself. I havent read all of your entry, but I plan to, slowly. X3


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