Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A new book project

This is a sample image for a book I just finished writing and illustrating. I don't have a publisher yet but will be sending it out soon. I was so happy with how this image turned out and I had to share it on my blog. The rest of the book is in full dummy mode (PDF) and hopefully I can get someone interested in putting some money behind it. I love telling stories through fun visuals and text - watching kids as they listen and look at my pictures is where it's at. So far I've gotten a good response on this one....fingers crossed!

Oh, also this is the first image that I started and finished in photoshop - prior to this piece I had always scanned my pencil sketches and then finished in photoshop. It has taken about 7 - 8 months to become familiar enough with my wacom tablet to pull this off. It still feels a little foreign but it's getting much easier.


  1. This little penguin is really sweet. Good luck!!

  2. He jumped out at me from across the room. A good first read the the picture is even more fun the longer you pore over it.


  3. Beautiful! Do you have any advice on finding a good texture that makes it feel more real like you have yours? That's one thing I've struggled with is finding a good texture for my pieces.

  4. I don't think the actual texture matters as much as how you use it. I'm actually still struggling with making mine work on every piece. Sometimes I turn down the scale of my texture and forget to scale it back up. When I realize my foible it's usually too late and I have to live with some parts of my image that suffer from almost no texture.

    Some of my texture used to come from my paint brush but now that I'm using photoshop I'm finding that I have a natural tendency to smooth my images too much. I think the answer is painting with texture from your texture pallet rather than adding a texture at the end - at least I've had more success using this method.

  5. Hey Will! This is one of the most amazing works I've seen yet! The lighting and the colors are mind-blowing! I've got my fingers (and toes) crossed for you! Any publisher would be nuts to pass this sweeeeet story and illustration up! (I don't know the story, but from the artwork, it has to be sweet ) Take care and God bless!

  6. Thanks for making me push my limits Will.


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