Monday, November 8, 2010

Want to do this assignment?

This is an illustration from Hansel and Gretel by scott gustafson. (Scott I hope you don't mind that I used your image.) We are going to be illustrating one scene from this story next week in my picturebook class at UVU. My students will begin this assignment on November 16 and their due date is Dec 8th. I've always wanted to try this so here goes:

I'm planning to post my students work right here on my blog and I'd like to post work from anyone out there who would like to participate along with us. The goal is to motivate my students as well as anyone who wants to roll up their sleeves and get busy with us. I'll also give a short critique on these pieces and any of you can weigh in with your opinions as well. I think this will be a blast!

So here are the rules:
Original work only of course
size is 8.5" x 11" wide or horizontal (work larger if you like)
color or black and white
any medium
email me a jpeg of your finished piece - I'll only post jpegs

You may choose any scene from the story. It can be dark and scary if you want - the original Brothers Grimm tale is quite ominous. You may also choose to lighten it up - fracture it if you want - this is your chance to do something really fun! The only content rule is that it must contain at least one character from the story. I often advise my students to pick a scene that is easily identifiable (as a Hansel and Gretel image) so they can get an editor or art director emotionally involved with their work.

So that's it - you have an extra week to get going on it!


  1. YES!!!! I am so IN! Thanks for the opportunity...

  2. Don't know if I have the time but sounds like a blast!


  3. thanks Will, how fun, hope I can find time to do this too!

  4. I think this is really going to be fun posting the finishes online. Remember we start this assignment on Monday November 15th. Please don't worry about the level that you are currently working. This is for anyone who might want to participate. Having fun is what it's all about right?

  5. Hi Will! I'll give it a shot! I must be sure to do it quickly. . .maybe even hand it in early to make sure I do it!

    Rob James, I was in your Illustration class once!

  6. Count me in. It should be challenging to see what I can come up with.

  7. Greetings Will, I'd love to play. I need all the play I can get. Your students are lucky to have you eh?


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