Saturday, September 24, 2011

Experimenting on the Ipad

Just having a little fun with the "Artrage" app on my IPad. I like it for mimicking lush buttery oil paint without all the mess and clean up. I also like the ability to "dry" the painting so you can work on top of the thick paint you already put down. The wet into wet or alla prima simulation is almost unnerving in how real it feels.


  1. you just made me miss the feel of oil paints on a real brush with your use of "lush", and "buttery"
    I'll have to download Art Rage and see if I can substitute it for the real thing. I'm with you on the mess; cleaning brushes is about my least favorite thing to do. :) Actually little three year old fingers in my oil paints is really my least favorite thing, so I guess that makes the brushes second ;)

  2. WOW!!! Makes me want to play around with Artrage a bit more. Nice textures and of course your colors and composition just ROCK!


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