Monday, September 12, 2011

It's live on Folio Academy! - New Photoshop Tutorial

As Promised I'm finally finished with this series - I'll be updating accounts this week for all those who have already purchased "Digital Painting in Photoshop from either or So - I'm giving this tutorial away for Free to anyone who has purchased the first course. I'm not sure how long it will take to get all the accounts updated - we're working on a way to automate it but either way it will happen soon.


  1. Great! Looking forward to it, finished illustration looks awesome, I love how the castle shell idea.

  2. Thanks Will! Awful nice of you!
    I'm looking forward to it!

  3. I'm in the middle of a couple of deadlines, or I'd be all over this! Thank you so much. I really owe you a debt of gratitude. I finally "get" it, and as I've been going blind slowly, being able to "paint" and "draw" again with at least some of the detail I want, brings such JOY. THANK YOU!

    Agy Wilson

  4. Aw shoot...Is there any way you might be willing to do the opposite as well? I just purchased this Part 2 course, and would love to watch the Part 1 videos but am on a bit of a limited budget at the moment...I was hoping it'd talk about the tools and sketching process, but it sounds like that was covered in Part 1.

  5. No Problem - just send me an email with the email you used to set up your account and I'll drop it in there.

  6. Hi,

    You mention here that ayone , who buys the first part of the photoshop painting tutorial
    also gets access to the second part.

    My account however only shows access to the first part. Am I missing something? How do I activate the second part?

    I loved the children's illustration tutorials by the way, so really looking forward to these as well.


  7. Hi Anonymous - I'll be happy to update your account - just drop me an email at: and let me know two things:

    1) did you buy them from or - it doesn't matter except for creating an account - either way I can give you the photoshop tutorial.

    2) do you remember what email you used to buy the videos? if not that's still ok - I can create an account at Folioacademy.


  8. I'm at this post more than a year after you published it :)....I can't stop clicking "Older Posts" -- I'm hooked!

    If I purchase the first video, is the offer still valid to receive the second one as well? Or was this just during its release? I'm ready to dive in to digital painting!

    Either way, thank you for sharing so much on your blog!

    1. Hi Meghan,

      Yes, I'll still honor this - do you already have an account at Folio academy . com? If so I just need you to provide me with the email address you signed up with so I can look up your account and give you the video - otherwise when you purchase digital painting part 1 I'll update your account with part 2 - just email me here Thanks!


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