Monday, August 26, 2013

How To Make A Story App - Step 3

Decide what you can put into your story app that will be unique to set yourself apart from the competition.

Are you a follower or a leader? When I look at many of the story apps available in the app store I notice that many creators seem to be playing follow the leader - and some aren't even following the leaders. It's hard enough to actually make the app but to put something out that is predictable and average is a waste of time. It's already hard enough to get noticed so don't make your app forgettable by doing what the other guys are doing.

If they are all putting coloring book activities in their story apps don't add a coloring activity - unless you can do it better or different. If the other guys are making every object wiggle with a silly sound when you touch it - yeah you get the picture. We're at the front of a new technology so don't assume the other guy is doing it right. This is your app. What do you want to do? Yeah? than do it and don't look back!

Afraid that you'll do something other people will scoff or laugh at? Perfect! It's not art if there's no risk! Better to fail big and learn than to copy and be forgettable. Be remarkable.

So how can you be original? I think it's by having one or more unique aspects in your app. Suggestions:

Great story
Great artwork
Animation that is unique to your story
Great voice acting
Integrated music
Unique navigation
Teaches niche moral or principle
Appeals to a niche market
Insert other unique aspect here.

So what am I planning for my app?

1. I think Rick Walton wrote a unique story for us - but the market will decide that.
2. I'm going to work hard on the artwork so I'm hoping to impress in that category.
3. I'm working on animation that helps further the story.
4. I will hire voice actors to enhance the experience.
5. Instead of page turns my app will navigate up, down, back, and forward.
6. The story has a sustainable living theme running throughout.

Like I've written before - none of this is a guarantee of commercial success but all I can do is put out the best I'm capable of in a reasonable amount of time and then begin work on the next app.

I'm really looking forward to beginning the Kwik class in a few weeks! Learning how to program my own app without any programing experience is going to enable me to take control of my app creating bug! More info on the class here. 

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  1. Go Will...Go!
    I'm really anxious to see your vision unfold. Kids love stories with multiple endings and pathways. It is easy to bore then...really challenging to keep them playing.

  2. I'll bet I'm more anxious that you Rob - seeing your hard work come to life is priceless - I'm so giddy with anticipation!

  3. verygood!!! don't stop!!!!

  4. Thanks for all your insights Will! Thought you might be interested in this:!


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