Thursday, October 3, 2013

How To Write A Children's Book

I'm very happy to announce TWO things this morning. The launch of Ann Cannon's Folio Academy video - "How To Write A Children's Book" and our Fall 30% off Sale at Folio Academy on the entire store! (use code: fall3)

Ann is a very accomplished author of children's books so about 6 months ago we asked her if she would be interested in making a video tutorial. We wanted a lesson designed specifically for illustrators and beginning writers. I'll be honest - I wanted that video for myself. With all the possibilities of indie publishing both traditionally and in electronic form becoming available - the demand for the kind of information packed in her tutorial is going up.

It took us a while because Ann is a busy woman who also writes a weekly column for the Salt Lake Tribune but we finally got time where we could all get together. I really hope this video helps the illustrator who wants to create his/her own story.

....AND - you can get it for 30% off for the next two weeks if you use this code: "fall3"...after that the sale ends.

Here is one of Ann's latest books and you can check out the tutorial here.


  1. Bought. Done. Now on to success!

  2. I need to start doing this...I stare at the blank page and never know what to write about. I just bought this and am looking forward to epiphanies!!!!! TIA!

  3. Thanks Will!

    Purchased and watched it. This is a great block of videos, thanks for putting it together and for the holiday sale. All of your courses have been great.


  4. Did anyone else see the field where you input the discount code? It never showed up for me.

    1. Sorry Teresa - you have to use the links above in the text of this post - we have you taken care of though - I sent you an email.


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