Monday, November 11, 2013

Breathing Life Into Your Characters

I'm very excited to announce our newest SVS class - "Breathing Life Into Your Characters".

Like our Painting in Photoshop Power Day that we had a few weeks ago this will be an all day event on Saturday December 14th. There will be a limit of 25 seats for the online LIVE class which will be recorded for those who can't get in. Some have asked us - "If I attend the LIVE class can I still get the video recordings of the class?" - yes - they come with the tuition.

Our headliner this time is Brandon Jeffords - head of story at Sony Pictures Animation. He worked on the animated film: Cloudy With A Chance Of  Meatballs 2 which came out in September. Brandon is an awesome artist and communicator and will be demonstrating how he comes up with expressive characters full of life. This class will be a little different as Jake and I will both be in the classroom with Brandon...we'll be monitoring the chat, helping attendees ask their questions, and of course coming up with plenty of our own questions.

Jake Parker and I will share our working methods of creating characters for children's books, story apps, collectibles, and comics. We've worked out a schedule to highlight each others strengths while assisting each other in each session. Creating memorable life like characters is one of the first steps in creating great story art and this Power Day is going to be a ton of fun!

To check out all the details for this class just click here.

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