Friday, November 29, 2013

Extra Video for our Character Design Live Class!

As an added bonus we've decided to rope in Disney artist Shane Lewis to start our video series off right. Shane is going to record a "Character Design: First Steps" before our Power Day and anyone who has or will purchase the Live class before Dec 14th will get this one for free - we still have space left.

Shane has taught character design for BYU and brings a unique method of creating unique characters that have proper emotions, gestures, stance, costumes and details that are appropriate for your story - he goes deep getting into the psychology of the character. At Disney he creates characters and story boards for some some of their games like Cars 2 and Toy Story 3. Jake Parker and I will get together with Shane to make this video in a conversation style - we like this format because we can challenge each other to bring clarity to the principles that Shane will teach.

So this is what our lineup looks like:

Shane Lewis: First Steps - psychology of your character
Jake Parker: Design principles, shape, gesture & keeping consistency in your characters.
Will Terry: Exaggerating from Life, simplifying form, & proportion
Brandon Jeffords: Character design demonstrations
Jake Parker: Action & Emotion

This extra video will only be included in our LIVE class. It will become available for purchase after the class as a separate video in our SVS store. Our goal for SVS is to develop a video library that will give any student the tools needed to continue their personal improvement. We plan to constantly create new classes to challenge artists at affordable prices. 

If you can't attend our live session you can always pick up the recorded version to watch at your leisure - our early bird discount ends when the class starts on Dec 14th 2013.

Check out the class right here.

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