Monday, January 20, 2014

Homework for Painting Color & Light Class

This week I'm sending out homework for our Painting Color & Light class at SVS. If you're in the Live or Video Recorded classes you should have gotten an email from me with details for the homework assignment. If you're not in the class you can still download the following images and practice adding value and color to them. Class begins in about one week! You can check out our schedule and content of the class here:

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  1. Will,
    I just want to THANK YOU for putting your very informative videos out and talk honestly about things. I have been working my ass off last year for very low price...just so that I can get my skill up to speed in Children's Book Illustration... I finished 5 completed books for clients doing kindles. You've provide the missing pieces that I need to become a professional illustrator. Your video about pricing and everything else are awesome!!!!! You are doing a service to all of us newbies...!!! It is better than paying thousands of dollars for class in fancy pants art school. You are a GOOD GUY, man. Can't thank you enough!!!!


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