Monday, January 13, 2014

"Working with Color" - Free Class!

We're going to be holding a free online class this Tuesday Jan 14th at 7:00 pm MST (9:00 NYC - 6:00 Cali) and anyone can join us. This class is another "prep" class like last Tuesday's Light and Shadow class. These two classes are meant to prepare our attendees for our Painting Color and Light class at SVS. Some of our students have gone through college art programs where they've covered the basics that we're offering in these free live classes. If you haven't had rendering or color theory classes you might want to join us on Tuesday. If you can NOT attend live you can always pick up these classes in our store. 

We had 100 spots available for attendees last week and we were shocked that they filled up in minutes. This week will probably be no different so we apologize if you cannot get in. Last week we had people join us from all over the world and we're sorry that some had to join us at 3:00am! If you would like to try to get in go to our facebook page for the link - then try to join just before 7:00 pm MST. 

We are looking into a service that will provide us with more attendee spots for future free classes. In our paid live classes we only take up to 25 students but you can always pick up the video recordings after the class.

This weeks class will go over all the basics of color and is designed to be the perfect intro to our Painting Color and Light class that begins at the end of this month. We only have 5 spots left in that class and you can read all about it here:  Hope to see you in class!


  1. Can't wait... will be there tonight. Thanks for hosting.

  2. Any chance of supplying the image for the latest SVS contest in a way that doesn't require the entrant to turn on Facebook apps? Maybe that's a possible reason you have so few entries - people might be wanting to enter, but get refused access to the image? Thanks.

    1. Hi Toria,

      I agree with you - nobody likes those fb apps - it was a quick option for us as we're having out website built. We're planning to come up with a better solution in the future - hopefully as part of our website - kind of like illustration friday but with rewards.

  3. Hello, Unfortunately I missed this session..! :( It would be so great if you can please let me know where can I get that to watch it again...Thanks! :)


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