Monday, May 5, 2014

Scanning, Re-Sizing, Resolution, and Pixels in Photoshop

I made this video to answer a question emailed to my by DeWayne about re-sizing your image in photoshop to prepare it to paint digitally. This is a beginner video so nothing earth shattering but if you're new to digital painting it might just be the information you've been looking for!


  1. Hi Will, thanks so much for the video. I always found resolution a hard one to get my head around.
    Usually I work at 2500 pixels X 3500 pixels (appox 8" x 11") at 300 ppi. I try to use few layers and keep merging layers as i paint otherwise things slow down.

    Just wondered if this would work?
    Here output is for print but i want to work at 72dpi so there's less strain on the processor.
    1. Create document at 2500 pixels X 3500 pixels @ 72 ppi (appox 34" x 49")
    2. Create your digital art and flatten image.
    3. Go to Image>Image size, enter 300 ppi in the resolution field with resample image box unchecked.
    4. Final image is now 2500 pixels X 3500 pixels @ 300 dpi (appox 8" x 11")


  2. Hi Edward, The DPI in your example is meaningless - if you start with that amount of pixels your image is already essentially at 300 dpi at the size you mentioned. That's what i was trying to convey in the video. :)

  3. Hi Terry what DPI do you usually work at for kids books illustration? I was thinking of 300 DPI for a 8.5 x8.5 page sound ok or should I up it?

  4. Hi Will, for some reason I cannot play the video not sure why.. So, perhaps I should just post my question and here and I hope you will have time to read this.

    I am working on a 8.5 by 8.5 in that is going to be printed and my computer really gets so laggy :[ ..It is in 300 dpi.. so would it be fine if I would just change the dpi ti 72? Do I really need a 300 dpi for an illustration that has the said dimensions?


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