Sunday, May 11, 2014

Some Frogs Don't Like Rain

No words of wisdom this week as I prepare to travel to speak at the SCBWI in Colorado Springs this coming weekend. They still have room if you're interested. I really love being able to get out from time to time and meet fellow artists. I'll be speaking about the technical aspects of working digitally on a cintiq monitor, developing story apps, and the current situation of children's book markets.


  1. Just came back from a SCBWI conference and it was wonderful! Good luck to you at yours as well.

  2. Will, I'm a big fan of yours! I want to have my book published by Talespring if possible. Thomas Gilson has just finished the formatting and it looks good. It is a children's book about a fish, Jumbo. If Talespring isn't taking publishing customers just now, what should I do to get my book published? Sue Higginbotham

    1. Hi Sue, Thank you! If Tom formatted it for you I think you want to go directly to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. Tailspring isn't accepting new books because they are going out of business. Even if they were your book wouldn't be the right format for them. I'm assuming Tom formatted ebook files for you? You need to set up an account with B&N or Amazon or both.

  3. Hello will !
    I just found you (well your illustrations ;) ) on youtube, and i wanted to say that your work is really great ! I really enjoyed watching it

    I love to doodle myself, and i dreamt of being an illustrator for childrens book (but i had to choose an other path, but i'll do it eventually) ! i started a little blog of mine (it's quite empty right now 'cause i have nooo time to draw, and i didn't scan any of my old sketches yet) but if you mind check it out it would be great ! and by the way, everything is in french for the moment !


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