Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Doodles For My UVU Class

I gave the assignment to my Imagination & Visual Literacy class at UVU to create a lizard character. But before they started drawing they had to answer as many questions about their character as time permitted. I posted this list as a starting point. In order to draw your character you need to know your character.

My character is an old gecko tax collector from the 20's who really likes his job.

How old am I?
What gender am I?
What am I wearing? Why am I wearing it?
Am I well kept or unkempt?
Am I fat/skinny? Small, med, large, XL?
What time of year is it?
What era am I from?
What temperature?
What clothing is appropriate?
What is my occupation or responsibility?
What clothing and/or props will make my job easier?
What has happened to me?
Do I have any injuries or scars?
Have I developed any special abilities or powers?
What are my weaknesses?
Am I good, Bad, Neutral?
Am I healthy or sick?
Do I carry any weapons or tools?


  1. Hi there, Just found your site looking for illustration classes online. Everything you have makes me enthusiastic, however, I'm a older adult and looking for something a little different. I have written a group of three books awhile ago and just keep a file of styles and things I like. Not sure I can do it all freehand, painting, etc. but I really must say, even though I don't care for your style for my book, I did a lot of smiling looking through your pictures and art. Good job and will doublecheck some of your books out for my grandson. Thanks for the relaxing break and info today!

    1. Thank you Kathleen! ...it's never too late to learn a new trick or two :)


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