Friday, April 22, 2011

News On B&N ebook Publishing

Some quick updates on my experience on Barnes and Unfortunately due to my workload right now I have to make this a quick update and so I didn't compile the great information you guys have been sending in to me on publishing sites and software. If you're new to reading and watching my videos on ebooks please check out the great comments below and below other posts - that contain some of this hard to find information.


  1. Will, once again thank you for the research and advice in regards to sales on the b&n site. I was also wondering if you have ever used any of the illustration art apps on the iPad? Such as brushes, sketch pro , art studio, etc. and if you ever thought of possibly putting together your illos straight from an iPad for a children's e-book app?

  2. Hey Jeremy,

    I'm really new to the ipad but I've been playing with it for about a week now - I have brushes and Sketchbook and I'm liking brushes more than sketchbook if that makes any sense. Because I can't get the same texture that I can get with photoshop I don't see myself doing finished work on it yet. I enjoy working on the ipad so much that I can't wait for adobe to release photoshop for it - I would love to work on a tablet instead of my wacom - and I don't want to spend cintiq money.


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