Saturday, April 9, 2011

Part 2 - ebooks Formatting etc.

This is a continuation of our discussion here on ebooks. Since this is such a new industry the only way we can get good information is to share what we learn with eachother. I'm putting together what I've learned in video form and answering questions as best I can with what I've learned. If you have any information that would benefit authors and illustrators I'd love to hear from you.

In this video you'll see what my back office looks like on the "Pubit" Barnes and Noble site.


  1. Hey Will! As soon as I got home from work today, I jumped on my computer to see if you had done another video. Thanks! And not just one ;o) I was so worried about all the technical stuff and formatting, but you have really eased my mind. I’ve been going over a couple of stories that I have had in my head for years, trying to simplify them a little because I bought the PDF of Monkey and Croc and see that one or two lines per page is plenty. Do you think much more than that is too much? Thanks again Will. You’re a terrific teacher. I’ll have to send you a cyber-apple :o)

  2. Thanks again so much for this Mr. Terry! I was anticipating this video and even happier to see the additional one that walks through Pubit!

    Thanks as well for answering my questions. The one in regards to interactivity is BIG. There is a substantial financial investment when it comes to making your materials interactive. I myself plan on releasing normal e-books and if and when the profits from the book merit it, financing more interactive fare later. Enhanced versions of the books at higher price points. Thanks again for being an inspiration and letting us learn through your experiences!

    There seems to be a number of shareware/freeware items that will convert your book to . As I do more research, I'm more than happy to share that info with you and your readers! It's great to help out each other!

    I look forward to more videos! I can't wait to see your books over on the Illustrated Section!

    @Jack-Hey Man!! Great to see we are feeding from the same well!!!

  3. Will, thanks for your second video! I liked how you mentioned about hopefully someday a "drag & drop" program to create a children's picture e-book might be developed. I came across a company called "Demibooks" , they are currently producing a program called Composer, which will help build a picture e-book kind of in that way. This is like what you had mentioned in your video post. Hopefully this comes out soon. Anyway, thanks for sharing this info and motivation in this exciting new frontier in children's publishing!

  4. Glad Jeremy mentioned Demibooks--there are a couple of other companies developing software for writers/illustrators who want to create picture book apps. Moglue and InteractBooks are two of them--in beta right now. I predict in 6 months there will be several options for us to choose from. In the meantime, I'm working on getting my next book idea fleshed out and ready, so when the technology is there, my work will be waiting! Thanks for the great resource.

  5. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. I'm, of course, familiar with your work and a big fan. I've also got a little picture book I started ages ago so I'm glad I've got this blog to help me figure out what to do with it (if I ever get around to it).

  6. So many great comments and information being passed on - Thanks Guys! I'll be checking out the resources that I've been receiving emails on and from the comments left here and making another video in the near future. Lets keep the dialog going!

  7. Will, thanks so much for your response and mention! I haven't checked my dashboard in a while so I just saw the post. There is some great info in the videos and its so nice of you to encourage others to make their own ebooks.

  8. Hi Will,
    Thanks for sharing all this info:)

  9. Just found another company providing tools for making interactive children's picture books: TaleSpring at Only $150 to publish, but they do take half of your profits!

  10. Hi Will,

    Thanks for all the great information. Have you read the book 'The Long Tail'? I'd guess that all these issues apply in regard to marketing online.

    It all does seem like the Wild West in trying to figure out all the different formats and devices and capabilities.

    Thanks again...


  11. Thanks again guys for all the great comments! I haven't read "The Long Tail" but it sounds interesting - I'll have to check it out. In a few more years we'll probably have a much better handle on how to take advantage of electronic indie publishing but for now it's both exciting and bit scary.

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