Friday, April 1, 2011

Portfolio Work

I gave my Illustration 1 class this assignment:

Setting: Castle
content: One human figure
Concept: "Something's coming"

I was sketching at the in-laws and started working on it - liked it - decided to render it for my portfolio. I don't get young adult cover work so I thought I'd try to expand my portfolio to possibly attract some.

I was inspired by one of my students concepts - I hope he takes this as a compliment.


  1. It's fantastic Will!!

    I think your work can definitely work for a older market as well. I just drool over your use of color... I can stare at this all day!

    I'm wondering why you came up with this idea at your in laws... hmmmm? Suggestive? LOL.. just teasing!

  2. Hmm...maybe I'll give myself the same assignment. Nice job.

  3. Thanks guys! I love my in-laws! Sometimes there's drama...sometimes there's drawing. :)

  4. Awesome illustration! Your use of color and light is amazing.


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