Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Call For Folio Academy Instructors

Folio Academy is extending invitations for quality instructors to contribute their expertise and paying 60% of retail if we receive videos by Jan 1, 2013

Our website was holding us back and the poor organization caused us to halt adding content and focus on the site. We wasted about 6 months when our first programmer didn't pan out. We learned. Ouch. Then we went back to the devil - I mean angel we knew. Sometimes the answer is right under your nose but you're too busy smelling the cookies in the oven...I have no idea where this is going.

Anyway - now we're ready to start extending invitations to participate in the creation of tutorial videos and there are two ways to participate:

1. We have limited times and space for instructors to be recorded in our Utah studio - email me at if interested. We're mostly working with in-state people and those visiting. (not eligible for 60% comission)

2. Produce your own video series for us to upload to the site. If you're interested in creating your own videos here are some guidelines:

DO NOT MAKE VIDEOS until we've seen a sample of your video quality and send you a contract. What we would like to see is a proposal of what you would like to teach, a web portfolio, and a 1-2 min youtube sample video.

The video quality needs to be good - a nicely lit studio or workspace. No water heaters in the background or your mother-in-law walking through your shot asking if the beans are done? Videos need to be shot in HD (720p is a good size)

Good audio that's clear and loud enough.

Great instruction that's easy to follow and understand. No long periods of dead space. Energetic or enthusiasim for the subject that displays your passion.

Videos broken up into logical segments to make searching for specific parts easier.

Screen capture that clearly shows what controls, buttons, and tools you are clicking on.

Again, if you're interested in receiving 60% of the retail sale of your video series you would need to deliver videos to us by the 1st of January 2013. We have an FTP link that's a snap for you to select your video files and upload to us.

Here are some subjects we are looking for.

Figure drawing, anatomy, sculpture, graphic design (beginning, intermediate, advanced) drawing animals for kids, animation, drawing for illustration, drawing for animation, head painting, digital painting in Corel Painter, producing story ebooks & apps, drawing manga, writing children's books or if you have an idea that you think would fit our site - contact us.


  1. Would you possibly be interested in soft pastel portraiture or children's book instruction?

  2. Hi Crystal - Yes - we're interested in all types of subjects - why don't you email me off-list about what you're thinking? :)

  3. I passed the info on to someone I think would be really great.

    1. Thanks patti! We've had quite a bit of interest...many don't know how they can make the videos but some are actually learning how...

  4. Hi Will,
    Love the new site, great idea!

    I don't have a blog, but I am an active Facebook user with over 1000 friends so I would be happy to share it there, does that qualify?


  5. Hi Angelo,

    We had quite a few inquiries on substituting facebook or twitter - while we would love to get mentioned on those outlets we need to keep it to blog posts for consistency - also - the blog link will stay live while facebook and twitter will not. If you wanted to set up a blog and make us your fist post you're welcome to do that. It only takes 10 - 15 minutes to get a blog up and running. Sorry :(


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