Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Critique Class - (discussion)

I learned long ago that trying to get someone to like you doesn't work - eventually you have to let go of the tail and then you understand real quick...or something like that.


I'm not going to try to get people to like the idea of a critique class. I'm just going to offer it and if it fills up I'll know.

Here's my proposal:

It will only be available to those who have taken the Complete or Lite SVS Illustration for Storytellers class.

These people will get an email when the class is up and running on our site.

It will only be available to the first 20 people to sign up.

It will cost $150.00

It will be held over 5 weeks meeting once/week for 2 hours each session = 10 hours of class time.

I'm thinking of beginning this class in early September.

It will be taught by Will Terry (me) and I'll have an assistant helping me.

An assignment will be given a month before the first class begins.

We will critique the assignment in class.

10 people will have their assignments critiqued the first night - the other 10 the following week.

I will do composition and rendering demos on the third week.

The 4th and 5th week will be spent critiquing the revisions.

Each class will be recorded and provided to attendees for study and in case they couldn't make the class.

Every attendee will get 20 min 1 on 1 time after the class is over on GoToMeeting follow up. This is their time to use how they see fit.

The benefit in a class like this is to see lots of work critiqued so that you can apply the principles from other students to your own projects both now and in the future.

I'm thinking of holding it on Saturdays from 7:00PM - 9:00PM MST - (9 :00PM NYC - 6:00PM Cali) and this will help some of our students in other parts of the world so that it doesn't fall at a time when they're at work.

I hope to have this live on our SVS site in as short as a week - 2 weeks.

Again the only requirement to attend this class is that you have to have taken the Complete or Lite version of our Illustration for Storytellers found here - no exceptions please. This is so I can move faster in class without having to back up each thing with a mini lesson but more importantly so we don't bore the rest of the class.

Here's what I need you to weigh in on:

1. Do you think it's worth it?
2. Does this time work for you and if not when would?
3. Do you like this format?


  1. Hi Will, this is Karen.E from your class. I'm definitely interested in this. And the time seems fine, it'll be Sunday here in Oz. I certainly think it's worth it, and the format seems fine. Gotomeeting seems reliable.

  2. Hi Will,
    Sounds good, I would be interested too. I would prefer a weeknight, but I can do the Saturday too.
    is the extra 20 min a one time thing after the 5 weeks?

  3. Hi Will, Lauren D. from the lite class here.
    I'm really interested too. Would LOVE it to be on a Saturday; will work with time. Like the gotomeeting format. I so hope this happens. . .

  4. Hi Will,
    Stacey B from your lite class,this sounds great and I'm also interested.
    I also have the same question as Luanne re:the 20 mins ?
    Thanks !

  5. Sounds like a great opportunity and a good format, however August and September are not good months for me to take another class. Best wishes to your continued success. Becky H

  6. Yes - I was thinking one 20 min time slot but we could break it into two 10 min sessions if you would prefer. Logistically getting 20 people from different time zones to all meet with me at the right time slot seemed like a nightmare. However I think it could work if we start at the same time that class starts with 10 min sections each attendee could sign up for. Then I could plan on doing 5 people/hour and get through everyone in 4 hours with a few min break each hour. We could do this on two different nights so that we really have time to polish a piece. With the critiques in class this would give each student 4 critiques plus all the learning from watching others. When I teach at the University most of the time my students don't pay attention when the other students are being critiqued. What a waste. More than half their education is evaporating in front of them.

  7. Hello Will,
    I am one of the Lite students and I would love to be able to take a critique class. Saturday night would be a little late, but doable for me. Please keep us posted on the details. Bethany P.

  8. I'm interested in this but I've spent all my funds on current classes so I'm hoping that this is long enough after SVS is over that I'll have enough to pay the fee before it fills up! Please let me know what my time frame is... critique is a big part of why I joined SVS so I'm excited for this. Thanks will! -Rachael M.

  9. Hi Will, I just signed up for your Lite class and I'm loving it! It's already changing the way I (think) draw.
    I definitely want to sign up for your critique class, it sounds great! I'll hold back on that extra glass of wine I have on Saturday nights and join your critique class instead :-)
    Nancy Kennedy

  10. This would be really great and I am definitely interested it taking it. Between your taking your Folio Academy and SVS course, I know for sure it is worth it. :D Are you going to announce the date the sign up email prior to sending it out, so we can keep an eye out for it?



    1. By the way my brain gave up on me while writing that last paragraph...lol :P

    2. Hi Charlie,

      I won't be announcing it on my blog when it goes up - it will only go out in email to those of you who are either in the LITE or COMPLETE class...hoping to have it up in a less than a week but it might take longer. This is a way to help those who couldn't get in the Complete class...but some of those guys have expressed interest in this one too...

  11. Hi Will,

    Anne-Marie from your lite class. Definitely a go for me. Would be great time sounds good too. I am ready for it.

  12. Hi Will,

    I'm in the Lite class and this class sounds great! I would love to take it and the time and day seem good to me. If it would change to a week day it would be better, but this works fine as well.

  13. Ooh ooh! I'll be your assistant for the class! ;) Sounds like a great idea to me. I hope you do well. You are doing so many great things here. I'm trying to get my act together to do more cool things like this online. Good luck, bro!

    1. Hi Shawna - thank you! I had already asked someone but I'd love to get you involved...we plan to be doing quite a few more classes in the future sooooo...be careful what you wish for! :)

  14. Hi Will
    I'm in OZ and doing the lite class. Loving it!
    I'm definitely interested.

  15. Hi Will,

    I was thinking about taking the critique class as well if I have the money. I am in the complete class so maybe it wouldn't be fair to take a spot from one of the lite students. Maybe you should offer the class to lite students a day before you send emails to complete students. Just so they can have a good shot at getting in because this class will fill up fast.


    1. This is a really good idea Tamisha - I'm going to use it!

  16. Hi Will,
    I think its a great idea. And normally I would jump on it, but the month doesn't work well. I'm really enjoying the lite SVS and the invaluable information I'm absorbing.

    Thank you for putting SVS out there.

    Donna Jeanne Koepp

  17. 1.Yes

    This all sounds fine. I really enjoy this format and think that it helps me personally more than other formats. I look forward to signing up.

  18. 1. Yes. Definitely worth it
    2. Yes. The time would work for me.
    3. Yes. The format is great.

  19. Hi Will,I'm in your lite class from oz and love the fact that I can catch up when I can through the recordings. I'm interested and hope to join you for this next critique class if my schedule allows it in September.:)Jeni

  20. its amazing ..all the best ...

  21. Thank you for all the input - I'm almost ready to put it up on the site - make sure you check your email in the next few days if you're interested in this class - I won't post it here because of the requirement to take it.

  22. 1. Yes. Absolutely worth it
    2. Yes. The time would work for me.
    3. Yes. The format is amazing.

  23. Wonderful! Will, I can't recommend your class(es) enough. If I wasn't knee deep in trying to complete some of my projects and I had the funding, it would be a priority. I have a feeling this will fill up in the first day of being offered. You could switch it up with your lite and full classes for those who want to learn. I learned just as much from watching what you do to other people's work as well as my own, so if it's all recorded, perhaps offering the recording for those who can't access the class or want to get into the habit of "seeing" things critically. Have I told you lately you're among the very BEST?!

    1. We will offer a LITE version of this one as well - don't know how many people will want that but it never hurts to make if available - Thanks Agy! :)

  24. Hi how do you sign up I do not see it on the SVS site?

    1. duh I never learned to read..I am vertically dyslexic sorry....umm sign me up
      any Willtime any Batplace
      and any Will Channel

  25. I would love to see how to draw...or determine where it breaks it age levels....not in numbers but what defines each age group from early reader, ya, young chapter etc


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