Monday, June 17, 2013

I Draw - How Can I Make Money With It?

In this video I answer a question from David - a Southwest Airlines employee who has 3 days off/week and loves to draw comics during his down time. He asked me what steps he should take next to getting his work published. I thought that other artists might be in his situation and might benefit from my answers. Listen to it while you work and if you have anything to add I love hearing your thoughts.

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  1. Awesome advice, as usual. I hope to see David's comic sometime soon. Sounds great. I'll bet an airline would give him tons of material.

    If I may, here's another resource David and others like him might find useful. You may know these folks, Will. The site has lots of articles and interviews about the comic/storytelling biz. It's run by Chris Oatley who worked for Disney and Lora Innes who has her own wonderful webcomic, The Dreamer. Lots of good stuff on there.


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